Troubleshooting of Printer Error 0x0000ffff

Method one:

1.Remove it to see whether Printer Error 0x0000ffff recurs if you recently added hardware to the computer. If existing hardware has failed, remove or replace the wrong part. Run hardware diagnostics that the system manufacturer supplies to determine which hardware component failed.

2.You should remove or replace the driver if the Printer Error 0x0000ffff occurred after the installation of a new or updated device driver. If, In this situation, the Printer Error 0x0000ffff occurs through the startup sequence as well as the system partition is formatted with NTFS, you could possibly use Safe Mode to rename or delete the faulty driver. If the driver is used as part of the system startup process in Safe Mode, you have to start the computer by using the Recovery Console in order to access the file.

3.Printer Error 0x0000ffff may be led to by Overclocking (setting the CPU to work at speeds higher than the rated specification). Return the CPU to the default clock speed setting if you have overclocked the computer that is experiencing the error.

Finally, if all the above steps do not resolve Printer Error 0x0000ffff, take the recommended methods.

Way two:

1.First Download SmrtPCFixer and make a full scan.

2.Then see the scan result.

3.At last make a registry to fix Printer Error 0x0000ffff.

Cause of Printer Error 0x0000ffff
Printer Error 0x0000ffff is quite harmful to your useful data and is a result of damages of windows system files . This error may also be caused by many reasons. Like :

  • 1.There is another reason to fix Outlook Express' Misconfiguration
  • 2.Outlook Express' installing was not completed.
  • 3.Deleting application or software incorrectly.
  • 4.Because of adware or virus and they do great damage to the device.
  • 5.Improperly de-activate computer or because of power failure results in Printer Error 0x0000ffff.
Symptom of Printer Error 0x0000ffff
When the error Printer Error 0x0000ffff encountered you will find that your system and Outlook PST files usually are not working properly. You can see lots of symptoms which shows the occurance of the error. Including:
  • 1.Outlook will not likely run properly. We can have outlook startup issue and it can hang over and over.

  • 2.It is not possible to receive and send emails. Additionally, Printer Error 0x0000ffff can restrict one to access the feature of outlook like sharing images, managing calender and many others.

  • 3.System start to run very slow and it might be entirely possible that it is going to provoke BSoD popularly referred to as Blue Screen of Death.

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