Troubleshooting of 0x0698

Solution one:

1.It is very important. Faulty or mismatched memory might cause 0x0698 so you must check it.You must see owner's manual For further informaiton about these procedures for your own computer . Make sure that all adapter cards inside the computer are properly seated. Use an ink eraser or perhaps electrical contact treatment, offered by electronics supply stores, to make sure adapter card contacts are clean.

2.If the 0x0698 appears on a newly system,check the availability of updates for your BIOS,the SCSI controller, or network cards.These kinds of updates are generally available on the internet site or BBS in the hardware manufacturer.

3.You can look at the System Log in Event Viewer for added error messages that can help identify the product or driver that is certainly causing the 0x0698. You may also disable memory caching from the BIOS to try to resolve the situation.

Finally,take the another way to a repair 0x0698 if all the above steps do not resolve the error.

The automatic way:

1.First Download SmrtPCFixer and make a full scan.

2.Then see the scan result.

3.Finally be a register and repair 0x0698.

Cause of 0x0698
0x0698 is generally not much of a server problem, and is due to one of several following errors.
  • 1. Your email client is misconfigured.
  • 2. Your ISP is blocking usage of port 25.
  • 3. There exists a DNS issue with your ISP.
  • 4. There is an error with SMTP on our servers.
Symptom of 0x0698
Once the error 0x0698 encountered you will recognize that your system and Outlook PST files are certainly not working properly. There are many symptoms which shows the occurance of the error. Such as:
  • 1.Outlook is not going to run properly. You might have outlook startup issue and it will hang over and over.

  • 2.You can't send and receive emails. Not only this, 0x0698 can restrict one to access some of the feature of outlook like sharing photos, managing calender and many more.

  • 3.System learn to run very slow and it could be possible that it will provoke BSoD popularly called Blue Screen of Death.

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